Opening Day Vendor Line Up May 21, 2022

A Hole in the Earth Pottery & Starlite Farms/ Les Helsley

Blissful Soil Farm / Scott Allelo

Clary Rose Farm / Katherine & Monica Chaplain

Farmgirl Provisions / Dede Rideout

Frederick Street Farm / Tamila Medinnus

Good dog Farm / Penny Wells Thomas

Heartfelt Farms / Owens Ryon

Homeward Bounty / Kate O’Brien

JP Gardens / Teresa Johnson

Kidder Creek Farm / Randy Eastlick

Oliveras / Jessica Valladares

Roam n Ready & Valley Village Farm / Erika Bjune & Shannon Bailey

Starwalker Farms / Tory & Michele Ponsford

Sugar Creek Farm / Jeffy Marx

Leslie Tharp

The Garden Crack / Sheryl & Rick Wilkins

Published by Etna Farmers Market

I am a Farmers Market in the City of Etna located in Siskiyou County in Northern California. We are OPEN seasonally from mid May through Oct. We are committed to Non-GMO seeds and products using organic methods of growing.

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